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Visuals by Terrance, Make-Up by Kerby JB Young, Model Kristin Jones

Written by Anastasia Tomkin
Cherise Castle-Blugh designs each alluring piece right out of her own home studio, love and precision flowing through her hands as she wire wraps, hammers and drills away. This self-taught designer from Trinidad and Tobago believes that jewelry should connect with its owner on an intimate level. Delicate in their construction, each ring, bracelet and necklace is composed in the language of art, sacred geometry and spiritual concepts.

“With me being quite passionate about my life and Ministry in Christ, the jewels are made with the intention to bring happiness, liveliness, courage and love to people’s lives- the very essence of our existence.”

For the past 3 years, Cherise has used her art of Jewelry making as 'Soulful Therapy': a means of coping with the stresses of personal trauma and everyday life. Cherise Castle-Blugh Jewelry is a brand built on emotional relevance, as there is a secret shared between the piece and the person who wears it.

Visuals by Terrance, Make-Up by Kerby JB Young, Model Kristin Jones

The jewelry collection is made from high quality gemstones, beads and precious metals. Every piece tells a unique and powerful story that is meant to reflect the story of its owner. The variety and beauty found within natural Gemstones allows for the expression of individuality no matter what the occasion or mood, and just like every client is special and different, no two pieces are ever the same.

Cherise has several guidelines for managing her creative ventures:

* Work together in the spirit of family.

* Show every customer integrity and passion.

* Embrace innovation and change.

* Drive productivity by working smart and maximizing every resource.

* WOW by exceeding expectations.

* Create a fun, welcoming experience for all.

But that’s not all. Cherise is dedicated to giving back to her community.

“I keep my small business in check by being socially responsible and supporting various NGOS and worthy causes. I encourage my customers to share in this through our Helping Others Survive Life Venture by either Volunteering, Donating or Supporting. I help increase the awareness for the causes put forward by NGOS listed on our Website so that my customers can connect with them and share in their efforts. My Jewelry making and art work is my Ministry. It is the way I serve others.”

Visuals by Terrance, Make-Up by Kerby JB Young, Model Kristin Jones
In essence, Cherise Castle-Blugh’s original Jewelry and accessories combine unforgettable presence with elegant personal expression.

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Photo by Kerby JB Young

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  2. Truly beautiful jewellery. Wonderful online magazine.


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